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warkworth drama group
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fairy godmother

December 2018

camelot the panto Camelot

December 2017

andrew Hound of the Basketcases

June 2018

my boy jack

My Boy Jack

September 2018

lady marion Robin Hood

December 2016

Duets angela the bride Duets

May 2017

september in the rain September in the Rain

September 2017

black wing snow white Snow White

December 2015

ill get my man Get My Man

June 2016

panto horse head Then Two Faces Of Drama

September 2016

Cedric Kamile the panto camel Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

December 2014

sam the playboy butcher Cemetary Club

April 2015

magna carta in warkworth Magna Carta

June 2015

cheers tears and beers

Cheers, Fears, Tears and Beers

September 2013


jack and the beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

December 2013


bedroom farce Bedroom Farce

April 2014


age and sex

Age & Sex

September 2012

mother goose

Mother Goose

December 2012

flint street nativity

Flint Street Nativity

April 2013

odd couple

Odd Couple

April 2011



December 2011

Blithe Spirit

Blithe Spirit

April 2012

3 for the price of 1

3 for the price of 1

September 2010


Hermit's Tale

September 2010

sleeping beauty

Sleeping Beauty

December 2010

corrine / angela

Dead Mans Hand

April 2009



December 2009

two for the price of one

2for the price of 1

April 2010

christopher riley


April 2008

Living together

September 2008


A Christmas Carol

December 2008

red ridinghood

Red Riding Hood

December 2006

lady bracknell

The Importance of being Earnest

April 2007

treasure island dame

Treasure Island

December 2007



December 2005


An inspector Calls

May 2006



October 2006

Earlier Productions

October 2005 Some Sunny Day Mike Dixon / Meg Dixon
May 2005
Evenings of Age and Sex
Ralph Firth
December 2004 Dick Whittington B Browne / A Wood
October 2004 Review Lorna Helps / B. Browne
April 2004
When We Are Married
R Firth
December 2003 Cinders the True Story P. Heathcote / S Wilkinson
September 2003 A Midsummer Night Joan Hellawell/M Giles
April 2003
The Exorcism
P Heathcote / S Wilkinson
December 2002 Robin Hood B. Browne/A Wood
September 2002 For Pudding? P Heathcote / S Wilkinson
April 2002
A Young
December 2001 Peter Pan B. Browne / A Wood
Aug 2001 Pageant G Hambleton / C Douglass
May 2001
The Proggy Mat P Nickalls/M Giles
December 2000 Snow White and Several Dwarfs C Heathcote
October 2000 The Vigil R Firth/S Wilkinson
July 2000 Children Revue P Nickalls/M Giles
April 2000
Two for the Price of One
R Brearley/R Firth
December 1999
Jack and the Beanstalk
C Heathcote
October 1999 Last Tango / Wide Blue Yonder R Brearley / P Heathcote

April 1999

Habeas Corpus
P Heathcote / S Wilkinson
December 1998 Puss in Boots P & C Heathcote

August 1998

S Hale
June 1997 A Man for All Seasons J Hellawell
March 1997
Private Lives
R & M Firth

December 1996

Old King Cole

B. Donald

October 1996 Revue A Young
May 1996
Hobsonís Choice
P Heathcote / S Wilkinson
December 1995 Ma Hubbard Goes West P Nickalls / J Hellawell
August 1995 Pageant S. Gladding / A. Wood
April 1995
Last Call
B. Donald
December 1994 Babes in the Magic Wood P. Nickalls
October 1994 Revue A Young
June 1994
Tomb with a View
P. Loftus
December 1993 Christmas Carol C & P Heathcote
October 1993 Revue A. Young
June 1993
The Circle
R. Firth / P. McArthur
December 1992 Aladdin S. Gladding
August 1992
D. Wood
December 1991 Robin Hood T. Young
May 1991 Plaza Suite B. Donald