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warkworth drama group

september in the rain by

This amateur production of 'September in the Rain' is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.


'September in the Rain', by Jon Godber, is a true northern love story following the life of miner Jack and his wife Liz on their annual summer holiday jaunt across the Pennines to Blackpool, which has been a ritual for over 40 years.

Saucy postcards, knotted hankies, stripy deckchairs, and trips to the Tower Lounge conjure up a bygone era and the good old days.

at: Warkworth Memorial Hall
on: 28th - 29th - 30th September
time: 7:30 - licensed bar opens 7:00pm
Tiickets: £7

We have decided to take our amazing play out to another venue. So if you can't see us in Warkworth you can catch us...

At: Lesbury Village Hall
On Saturday 7th October
time: 7:30
Tickets: £7

collage of cast and crew pictures in the 1950's

Cast and crew on the beach in the 1950's.
sitting in a car liz giving jack a sweet
liz and jack having a chat
liz is scared up the tower
jack showing the audience liz... we have a nice little lady up here.
The rehearsals are hard work but loads of fun and finally taking shape.


It's the day when Guinevere is due to arrive at Camelot to marry Arthur, but the scheming Morgan le Fay has other ideas.

Not only does the diffident Arthur have to woo and win Guinevere in double-quick time, but he has to outfoil kidnap plots, and a couple of knights, only one of whom is visible.

Of course it all comes right in the end, thanks to the skill of Merlin, a dancing bear, a jester and a faithful friend.

performance dates:
7th 8th 9th December

camelot the panto poster