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warkworth drama group


A madcap twist on the legendary tale of Camelot, join Warkworth Drama Group on their take on this classic journey Panto style.

King Uther wishes his son, Prince Arthur to marry the lovely Princess Guinevere and carry on the Pendragon name. However, Morgan Le Fay the scorned sorceress and the evil Valerin the vicious have other plans to destroy Camelot and kidnap the Princess! It's up to Arthur with help from Dame Connie, Merlin, Laughalot the cowardly court jester and friends to thwart their evil deeds.

Can they be bold and brave and triumph?! Find out this December!

This action packed show is full of surprises, laughs and with lots of audience participation, you are invited to get involved with encouraging cheers at the sight of the goodies, loud boos when the baddies appear and wild applause throughout! Guaranteed to be a fun packed show for all the family, not to be

At: Warkworth Memorial Hall
On: 7th - 8th - 9th December
Time: 7:30 (Sat Matinee 2:30)
Tickets: £7 adults £5 children

camelot the panto poster