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We hope you enjoy our shows. Please feel free to leave us your comments in our...

guest book

Bedroom Farce
My goodness 'Bedroom Farce' was amazing, everybody acted so brilliantly! I really enjoyed it and i laughed so much. Well done.

Jack / Beanstalk Another fantastic performance by all.
From begining to end was pure enjoyment. The cast were fantastic.
What more could anybody want in a night out with their family.

Flint Street
Excellent intuitive casting and a funny and sensitive portrayal of this classic - encore!

Mother Goose
This was a golden egg production. Skilfully directed, enthusiastically performed. A good nightpm out.

Blithe Spirit
Totally superb, Every one of the cast were brilliant. Just laughed throughout. A very professional performance by one and all. Captivating-- well done!

Odd Couple
Saw the 'Odd Couple' last night. Brilliant! Loved the untidy set at the start. Fast paced and VERY funny. Well done to all concerned.

Wow! Shadowlands was an ambitious work to take on but what a triumph. Everyone I've talked to was completely knocked out by it.

I had seen the film and wondered how, with limited resources, a rural drama group would stage the production. Well, I left after the performance on Saturday finding it difficult to come back to real life.

LivingTogether Thoroughly enjoyed "Living Together". Everyone was so well cast and brilliant. It is great to have such talent on our doorstep. Well done to all concerned. Lets have more.

Red Riding Hood Have to say it was an absolutely brilliant performance! A brilliantly cast production - all the cast performed very well.

An Inspector Calls Enjoyed "An Inspector Calls" on Saturday night. The actors were word perfect with excellent diction. Stage setting was perfect to the last detail. Looking forward to the next show.

warkworth drama group


We are an enthusiastic bunch of like minded thespians who enjoy the smell of the grease paint and the roar of the crowd. We are based in Warkworth Northumberland and perform at Warkworth Memorial Hall. We normally stage three productions a year. If you like acting, back-stage work, or just having fun then come along and join us, all are welcome.

PANTO 'Robin hood!'


It's amazing what you can get away with in panto.

Tradition demands that the leading man and his love interest should both be female and, following this dictum, Warkworth Drama Group's version of the tale of Robin Hood gave an enthusiastic and responsive audience eye-catching performances from the eponymous outlaw and Maid Marion (Bethan Roberts and Niamh Mackintosh).

And then famous cohorts of the hero, the merry men, were also female as was King Richard and Gerald the dog (both played by Amy Miller-Trotter).

But against the back-drop of high quality stage settings and talking trees - yes, an oak and ash with head sized opening flaps for entirely un-wooden performances from Milly Walton and Amy Barrass - the cast under the direction of Antonia Hoskins Brown produced a highly entertaining take on the battle between Sherwood Forest's best known occupant and the villainous Sheriff of Nottingham.

Whilst cast as a money-grabbing, evil, blood-thirsty horror, Andrew Beaton managed to simultaneously get roundly booed whilst  getting members of the audience eating out of his hand with his quick witted responses and engaging chat, especially with children.

The production hit several highs including Milly Davis as the Sheriff's long-suffering aide Dogberry, Will Jones as the cunning Friar Tuck, Lucy Miller-Trotter and Annabel Mackintosh as the lisping foppish reluctant stewards Sir Cedric and Sir Cecil, and  the excellent Trisha McCarthy's cameo as the crystal ball-gazing Ruth the Sooth.

The other love interest involved man-hungry Dame Euphonia, played with great relish by the ever-reliable Richard Brearley and the clearly misguided suitor Lord Knose (Marion Jones) who had the audience in stitches during an enforced clothes strip.

This performance with its marvellous costumes, light and sound showed that the tradition of pantomime is alive and well in the hands of Warkworth Drama Group.


the end of the show
cook and helpers
robin hood poster


Thanks to everyone who came to support us in this show. pictures can now be seen here.

adult work shop activities


August 8th, saw us hold our 3rd Adult's Theatre Workshop, with 3 new comers, an afternoon's fun and activities that had everyone up on stage, thinking on their feet and even devising their own mini plays followed by some script work!


For pictures of this event visit the news and reviews page.

adult work shop activities


Many thanks to all who attended the Play Reading and Pooled Supper on Friday 19th June. This was a fantastic night's fun and so wonderful to see so many of you.

play reading


whicked withc and the cow in jack and the beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

bedroom of malcome and kate

Bedroom Farce

flint street nativity

Flint Street Nativity

doh joyce

Last Tango in Little Grimley

Goose laying an egg

Mother Goose

Doctor Bradman Mrs Condomine And Mrs Bradman

Blithe Spirit

age and sex

Age and Sex




We hope you enjoy our shows. Please feel free to pop back and leave us your comments in our... GUESTBOOK


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